Managed Solutions

Maintaining IT resource performance and availability is a demanding task for organizations of all sizes, but especially so for smaller businesses with their unique staffing and fiscal challenges. ZTS can work with you to architect a managed hosting solution to fit your specific IT needs at a lower Total Cost of Ownership than in-house options.

With managed hosting solutions from ZTS, we own and operate the data center, network, hardware, and operating system components to provide a stable environment for your specific applications. More than a service provider, we will become your partner, freeing your business from the burdens of procurement, configuration, deployment, and monitoring tasks and allowing your organization to concentrate on its core business.

Key Benefits of ZTS Managed Hosting Solutions

Our managed hosting solutions make performance, flexibility, and support priority one.

  • Performance: We will help you select the right-sized hardware to ensure the stability and performance of your applications, and we are prepared to grow your environment as your needs and requirements increase.
  • Flexibility: Our solutions are customized for each business need to address its own unique requirements. Don't be limited by companies that offer only a few pre-configured options.
  • Support: From small dedicated application servers to more complex multi-server, multi-application environments, we operate as an extension of your internal support organization.